What can you keep in a Nugtray™?

These wooden trays are designed as containers for cannabis, but please note that they’re meant only for short-term storage. What works well is to keep the majority of any stash in a sealed container, and to break one or two fresh nugs into your nugtray for easy access.

Turned nugtrays can also function as ash receptacles. The glass toppers are handy cleaning tools for pipes; just clean your bowl into the tray and cover unsightly debris with the lid. Nugtrays allow you to keep some bud out while eliminating the mess normally associated with marijuana use.

Not a smoker? You can keep almost anything in a nugtray or lidded bowl (without cleaning pick). Jewelry, coins, stones, keys… anything that will fit and needs to be tucked neatly away. Nugtrays are not recommended for food storage. The small tray featured here is paduk wood with a blue glass handle.

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